America’s Got Talent in the Workplace When the Workplace is FIRED UP! with Aric Bostick and Anne Bruce

Get your group FIRED UP! for optimizing talent in the workplace through a customized retreat—installed and delivered by one of the America’s top training teams:

  • Aric Bostick is speaker, trainer, author of FIRED UP Employees!, and employee energy expert who has presented to more than a half million people around the globe.
  • Anne Bruce is a highly-regarded global speaker, trainer, and author of 17 leadership books.

Aric and Anne deliver their exclusive, dynamic retreats—fully customized to your learning needs.

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What Does the Program Include?

Program includes kick-off keynote, experiential workshops, and individualized coaching.

Fully customized programs cover topics such as:

Go for the GOLD (G-O-L-D: Greater Opportunities for Leadership Development); Red Carpet Customer Loyalty; Creativity Model for a FIRED UP! Workplace; Engage for Performance; Communications Excellence; Future leadership Perspectives; Innovative Thinking; Creating an Enviable Culture that Drives Values, Behaviors, Customer Care, and Financial Returns.

Bonus: You walk away with a customized, easy-to-use coaching toolkit.

Perfect for:

  •     Performance Management
  •     Talent Optimization
  •     Employee Engagement
  •     Leadership and HR Training
  •     Culture Creation
  •     Values Alignment
  •     Customer Care/Loyalty
  •     Sales and Marketing Management

Based on Anne Bruce’s signature Globalization of Talent Business Model, these programs have been delivered worldwide to such esteemed organizations as Southwest Airlines, GEICO, Best Buy, Sprint, Coca Cola, JetBlue, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Pentagon, The White House, Baylor University Medical School, Sony, Marriott/Ritz Carlton, and many more.

How Do the Retreats Work?

You choose the location—whether a 5-star resort, cruise ship, or your conference center—and select a half-day, full-day, or multiple-day experience. Aric and Anne install the program and customize the pieces to your learners’ needs.

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Download an Aric Bostick Retreats PDF to share with your leadership team.