See below for recent rave reviews from those who have heard Aric speak.

Child Care Associates

“Aric became an instant hit with our child care teachers and staff.  He as them “Fired Up” to greet our incoming preschoolers for the new school year.  His presentation was lively, interactive and inspiring.  Many staff stated that he changed their perspective and outlook on life.”

Bob Duke
Interim President and CEO

Gold’s Gym

"Aric Bostick has a visceral understanding on what unlocks human potential. He truly envelops his audience and conveys his enthusiasm in an upbeat manner only he can pull off!"

Gil Urbano
B.S. Certified Personal Trainer

Cellular Plus

"I'd highly recommend any company needing to recharge & re-motivate their employees to bring in Aric! His high energy presentation was packed with goal setting & team-building ideas that all our managers were excited to take back and share with their teams. He is AWESOME!"

Lisa Watson
Human Resources, Marketing & IT Director

Corpus Christi Human Resources Management Association

“Aric was everything I hoped he’d be and more! He energized our members like I’ve never seen them! He drew in a crowd that was a 50% increase for us and they all left with ammo to FIRE UP their staff! Thank you, Aric, for an incredible presentation!”

Leslie Vlisides
Leslie Vlisides

Practice Management Institute

“Aric is amazing and his presentation is like none other I have seen. Not only did he FIRE UP our conference participants, but also our internal staff! His keen ability to connect with his audience not just during the presentation but also before and after has really solidified the experience for us all.”

Nancy Clements
Director of Marketing Communications

Wellness Pointe

"Aric was awesome. Came here burned out from work stresses, but Aric motivated me to return to the office Monday with a positive and refreshed attitude."

Tamiko Richardson

UT Southwestern Medical Center

"Getting Fired Up has given me the motivational inspiration to set positive goals for my work and personal life. It’s given me the theme to use every day, think positive, let it go, and live every day to its fullest."

Rhonda Benton

The Center for ENT

"Aric was awesome! He is one of the best speakers, if not the best, I’ve ever heard."

Christine Gellman

Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates, P.C.

"Aric is great! Very energetic! Lots of fun, lots to think about!"

Teresa Holm

Practice Management Institute

"Best Keynote Speaker that you’ve had in Vegas. Thanks!"

Joy Smith

Billing Solutions, Inc.

"It was very inspiring to start our conference and made you think about work/life differently."

Lisa Murguia

Cornea Associates of Texas

"He was totally awesome."

Michelle Dixon

Dr. Klima

"Awesome! Please continue to have him at the conferences."

Angela Heitler


"Loved the personal stories. Great motivator to do better. Puts things into perspective."

Deborah McNeliance

Pediatric Acute Care Associates of N. TX

"I totally loved this session on a professional and a personal level. I am going to get FIRED UP. Thank you."

Alfreda Brown

Professional Healthcare Management

"Awesome speaker. I very much needed this right now!"

LuAnn Weldon

Dallas Diagnostic Association

"Aric is very awesome to listen to. He definitely knows how to get people excited! He was very easy to follow and kept your attention the whole time."

Amanda McMenamy

TN Headstart

“Aric was simply awesome and our staff loved him. I did not hear even one negative comment from the staff. I had several staff thank me for bringing him to our program. What I liked most was Aric had a truly uplifting and thought provoking message that everyone identified with and it was delivered in a mix of fun, theatrics, and involvement. The staff really got into the music and dancing!”

Judy Butler