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ARIC BOSTICK BIO – condensed


Description of Programs


FIRED UP for Human Resources



7 FIRED UP Steps

Get Fired Up Handout – FRONT

Get Fired Up Handout – BACK


A/V needs:

  • (1) Hand-held cordless microphone
  • (1) Microphone of any kind to be placed next to Aric’s music system
  • (2) Six foot or (1) eight foot table to place on center stage
  • (1) extension cord to plug into Aric’s music system
  • LCD Projector/Screen for PowerPoint – audio needed, as well


Aric’s Logos

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Promotional Photos

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Contact Info:

Aric Bostick Success Training, Inc.
500 E. 4th Street, #224
Austin, TX 78701

Office PHONE: 1-888-629-0179
Office FAX: 1-888-629-0209