When I speak to leaders and employees across the country, I first want to know: What fuels your tank?

When I ask what fuels you, your initial reaction might be to think of someone who gets under your skin and gets you fired up into a rage. That’s not the type of fuel—or fire—I’m talking about.

Instead, I’m talking about the fuel that makes up your “why.” Why do you:

  • get up in the morning;
  • do your job;
  • greet strangers on the street;
  • go the extra mile when no one is watching;
  • persist even when you’ve been broken, cursed at, belittled, disappointed, or defeated;
  • dream of a more vibrant tomorrow?

In my new book, FIRED UP! Employees, I’ve built a 7-step model for achieving goals and greater levels of fulfillment. My model starts with F for Fuel. I start there because I want you to start there. You may be able to start your engine with a simple spark, but you will only keep it running for the long haul by keeping your tank full.

Start today by defining your why: Why are you here? What keeps you in the game of life, and motivated to keep moving? Motivation starts by:

1. Knowing why you are doing what you do;

2. Helping others understand why they are doing what they do.

Your personal why becomes the fuel that keeps you FIRED UP even when you haven’t yet crested the hill. It reminds you to keep pushing the accelerator because the best is yet to come. Here are some possible whys that you may relate to:

  • You may be working hard so you can support your children—who bring you incredible joy.
  • You may be delivering more value than you are currently getting as an investment into your entrepreneurial dream—which brings you tremendous hope.
  • You may be acting happier than you feel because your coworker or partner needs your encouragement right now to get through a tragedy or particularly challenging project—which brings you great satisfaction.

Wayne Dyer states, “Everyone in life has a purpose.” Motivating yourself and others to greatness starts with defining your purpose, and then applying it to your goals. What’s yours? What fuels your tank? Post your comments below. I’ll be taking some of the most inspirational comments and posting them on my Facebook page as well!